Are you an artist or songwriter and are you're looking for a way to take your musical magic to the next level?

At Maple 48 we are all about growing together.
You've got the unique song ideas and we can help you turn them into awesome productions. Whether this means working on songs together, pre-production, recording instruments and/or vocals, improving beats & sounds, mixing/mastering or the whole shebang: 
We're up for all of it, so let's meet!

Introducing: Remon Hubert. Co-founder of Maple 48, professional drummer, Ableton Live guy and producer. 

After graduating from the Conservatory of Amsterdam in 2012 (drum major) I quickly got into live sequencing and that is where my love for productions & sound really started to kick off. From managing audio sequences at Ladies of Soul to live sequencing and drumming with Caro Emerald, I always try to find that little bit of extra to improve sound.
After several years on stage, it only felt right to start my own studio and focus more on creating rather then performing. So I did and Maple 48 is the result!